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Car Wrap

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Car Wraps are all the rage in Phoenix Arizona (they are a billboard on wheels!), and we can help wrap your car exactly to your specifications! If you want to advertise your business to a wide audience in a metro city, or just want to protect your paint job, then a Car Wrap is the perfect choice for you as literally thousands of people a day will see your message! This is much more effective than say, advertising with Yelp or Yellow Pages (which will cost you roughly $15,000 a year).



We use only the highest quality material in our Car Wraps and we guarantee 3-4 years before the car wrapping will begin to fade. Keep in mind, your ad being remembered is just as important as your ad being seen. Let us help you to wrap your car in a great advertisement! Car Wraps will be seen by 30,000 – 70,000 people a day as you drive around Phoenix, and it is one of the best ways to advertise in a large metropolitan city, and one of the cheapest!

Our Car Wrappings will only cost you $1,500 (and up); and will depend on the type of car. It’s all about curves. The more complicated the curves, like in a PT Cruiser, the higher the cost will be (that’s because a PT Cruiser requires much more attention to detail due to all the curves). We can even do small & large trailers.

In addition to great marketing, Car Wraps are also used to protect the original paint on your vehicle. If you have an expensive car or just want to keep the paint job on what you got, then we can wrap your car without graphics, which will keep it spiffy for years to come!

Remember that once a Car Wrap has taken place, you’ll want to keep it out of the sun as much as possible (yes it is hard to do in Phoenix, we know. But try as much as you can! It’s highly recommended to buy a car cover or have a garage or car shade).

Unlike with lesser quality material, our Car Wrappings allow you to still wash or wax the car, and even to take it through washing machines. It will last years as long as you keep it out of long periods of exposure to direct sunlight.

So contact us today and let’s talk shop about getting you a Car Wrapping to suit your needs!



Vinyl Banners Phoenix AZ - Window Graphics- Large Format Printing - Vehicle Wraps Phoenix - Large Banners - Graphics Media Step and repeat - Posters - Wall graphics - window graphics vinyl Phoenix AZ