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Window graphics

Perforated window graphics

Hello, everyone hope everybody is doing well today we’re going to be talking about window graphics and this video is for the business owner who is thinking or perhaps considering installing window graphics for their storefront now what you’re looking on screen here is our website and I want to show you some of the other things we offer our full color banners, vehicle wraps and wall graphics and of course my favorite vinyl to print and install is the window graphics the perforated window graphics and I’m going to scroll down our website here and I’m going to show you a picture of what it looks like when it’s up close so she can see here on this picture you have this perforated vinyl material has tiny little holes which it’s basically what makes the vinyl that special that you’re able to see through.

When you’re on the outside for instance this picture here and you are an in your customers are checking out your storefront they actually see this images and and they look pretty solid but you on the inside you can see clearly see everything on the outside with window perf or perforated window graphicsnow one thing that I’m going to tell you is that if you do have black tinted windows that’s going to help your perforated film graphics pop more, black tinted windows tends to make a color and graphics look more vivid than just plain clear windows. At the moment I don’t do window tinting perhaps in the future but if you need someone to help you with window tinting I can I can recommend someone and they can help you with with getting a quote for you.

Now going back to the window perf let‘s talk about some of the benefits that that you can get from the window per and one of the big reasons why people love the perforated window Graphics is that you can be or get as creative as we want there is no limit to the colors there is no limit to the graphics there is no limit to the imagination so that’s basically one of the big reasons and obviously because you can see through that’s that’s a huge plus. Now something else that we get asked is and it is pretty common for clients to ask about the perforated window Graphics is it installed on the inside or is it installed on the outside?  Well it’s install perforated window graphics on the on the outside all window perf is installed on the outside and I can I can understand why some people think that is installed on the inside, because if you look at this image here you can see that it can kind of give you the illusion that is installed on the inside because of the of the glare on the window

Sometimes when I’m installing Graphics I have people pass by and and they asked me if I installing on the  inside or or the outside, so so yeah I mean yeah it can but just to let you know and just to be sure that you understand that it is installed on the outside now another benefit of perforated window store graphics is going to help you reduce the heat the Arizona Heat and if you have a tinted black which is installed from the inside and then you have a vinyl graphics installed from the outside so you get that extra you know heat protection from both the tint and the window graphics the other thing that you might want to ask or actually people ask is how long will my Graphics last and it’s a fair question and it’s kind of a hard question to answer because it all really depends on on the climate and it also depends on whether or not your storefront is on a shaded location for instance this storefront here is under the shade as well as this one so you’ll get a lot more life out of your graphics then then let‘s say a non shaded area where the sun is hitting your graphics constantly in that case we recommend that we laminate your your media and or your perforated vinyl graphics. That way you get extra protection from the from the Sun. Now lamination is extra and that is optional so if you are concerned about your graphics fading or getting damaged sun damage then lamination is definitely something we can we can help you with. So without lamination and on a shaded area I would say anywhere from 2 to 3 maybe even 4 years you know I have a client that he’s in a shaded area and his Graphics have had to have been up there for about five years so five years is a long time.

Anyway it just depends on the on the climate and and the Heat and the situation your graphics maybe in now something else that is very very important that before you you before you contact anyone or before you contact us to get your your graphics set up and installed it’s a good idea to check with your landlord to see if you’re able to install these Graphics also you want to check with the city if you’re in a different city they may have different regulations depending on the city so you want to check with them and see what they allow some some cities allow only 50% some cities allow only 25% of graphics. High resolution graphics it’s very very important because you don’t want your images to be blurry also basically what you’re doing as you’re investing in your marketing and your branding and your investing in your storefront so why would you use your blurry images? you want to use nice beautiful high quality images the other thing that we get asked is if we go and measure your windows and the short answer is yes we’ll go and measure your windows and it is free it’s a free estimate now sometimes you can get the measurements from the landlord and they‘ll be happy to give you all the measurements of your of your storefront windows but if they can‘t provide that that’s that’s fine we get clients who send us the the template already with all the the the measurements already on the template now like I said if you if you can‘t get that from your landlord that’s okay and give you an estimate now if you want to print at incredible media.Com that‘s print print at incredible media.Com you can also call or text me and if you have any more questions just to let you know go ahead and and call me and hopefully I can I can help you with with any questions or concerns you may have so that is it for this video if you are considering getting window Graphics I highly recommended it’s a very nice way to show your services and basically stand out if you‘re in a placa you are going to be able to stand out more from the rest of the your neighbors unless unless I installed everybody’s windows and that would be great right but who knows if you‘re the only one 

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